Choosing the best shop for CNC machining

by Ralph

CNC machining is the most popular and least complicated method for manufacturing prototypes and custom parts. Software programs control various tools and machines during this process. Complex machines such as grinders, routers, and mills can now be handled easily with this process. An industry that manufactures prototypes is known as a CNC machining shop. Let’s look at some parameters and parts to better understand before choosing one.

Supplies (raw materials):

High-quality raw materials ensure high-quality products. Good CNC machining shops conduct regular inspections of raw materials to ensure their products’ quality.

Qualified staff:

The CNC machining shop hires qualified engineers, trained technicians, and experienced operators for CNC machining. They possess:

  • Versatile technical knowledge of CAD software
  • Ability to maintain the optimum working of the machines and instruments
  • Math knowledge to understand the dimensions or directions and axes of cutting
  • Problem-solving power
  • They also ensure the safe and secure working of the machines to avoid any damage.

Equipment and machinery needed:

Custom parts and prototypes can be constructed in a CNC machining shop with all the necessary components and equipment. Listed below are a few essential pieces of machinery:

Machines for milling:

A CNC machinery shop is primarily equipped with milling machines. A variety of metals and plastics can be cut using this machine. For cutting metal in desired planes quickly, the milling machine’s rotating blade is useful.

Automated multi-axis machines:

Compared to a primary milling machine, multi-axis milling machines offer advanced functions. In addition to cutting in three axes, four axes, and five axes, it can produce cuts in multiple axes. There are some milling machines that can make cuts in seven axes, depending on their level of development. Using it, complex parts and prototypes can be manufactured. The 3-D model of the desired part is created in software. The software program then directs the machines to construct that part.

Lathing machine:

A lathing machine is a small machine used to rotate the part that needs to be cut toward the milling machine. It is specially used to turn the round parts in a linear motion.

Drilling machine:

As the name suggests, a drilling machine is used to drill holes in the parts and prototypes. It is necessary to join together different parts of prototypes.

Electrical discharge machining:

Electrical discharge machining is another way to construct metal molds and machinery parts. It uses current waves to remove extra particles from the machine’s surface.

Grinding machines:

Grinding machines are used to give a smooth finish to the parts. The machine’s grinding wheel grinds the part’s upper surface to remove unnecessary pieces of metal.

Band sawing machine:

A CNC band sawing machine is used to cut big metal rods and sheets into smaller parts for CNC machining. It is used for sawing high and low alloy steel, stainless steel, special alloy steel, carbon steel, and acid-resistant steel.

Surface treatment tools:

A good CNC machining shop is equipped with painting, polishing, sand-blasting, and anodizing tools. They are necessary to give a finished look to the product.

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