Top 2 Best DTF Printers For Newbies

by Ralph

A world without printers is like a world without colors. It brings life to images.

A dtf printer is an advancement in the printing industry. It allows you to print images onto paper or film. It produces vibrant and appealing designs. That said, they are reliable and efficient printers. Connect it with your computer and print your design.

Dtf printers come with a variety of features. Here, you will find the best dtf printers for newbies available on Alibaba. You can find the best dtf printer for yourself.

Before buying a dtf printer, you should know various factors like transfer film, dtf ink, printing cost and dtf powder. This article provides an in-depth review of 2 dtf printers to help you choose the best one.

If you want to find the best dtf printer, start reading.

Udefine Popular Design i3200 DTF Printer

i3200 DTF Printer has dimensions of 107cm x 95cm x 165cm and resolution up to 1440 dpi. It requires voltage of 110V or 220V and provides a 13-month warranty.

i3200 DTF printer is a highly efficient machine that transmits designs onto t-shirts. It produces appealing images on a t-shirt, hat, sports suit, sofa pillow, canvas shoes, handbag and shopping bag. The transparent ink cartridge system recycles wasted ink. Plus, it features a control panel that simplifies the process of printing. The stop switch allows you to cut off the power during an emergency. Besides that, the heated bed prints images in advance to reduce power consumption. An automatic feeder lets you print multiple images without switching them manually. This feature makes printing convenient and saves time. Its ink cartridge is recyclable.

This DTF printer has an automatic ink circulation system that eliminates ink bleeding. The i3200 DTF printer is compatible with cotton, fabric and blends etc. This machine comes in a wooden box to prevent any damage. The printer pressure roller ensures smooth and fast printing.

Pros and Cons

This premium quality DTF printer prints images with accuracy. It uses less power to print designs, thanks to its heated bed. It prints quickly and possesses good ink adhesion.

The only con is the price of this printer is high.

DTF Printer L1800

DTF Printer L1800 comes in 705x322x215mm dimensions. It prints 5760×1440 dpi images using voltage of 110-220V.

This highly efficient printer is a hot sale product on Alibaba. It takes approximately 8 minutes to print images. This efficient printer features a white ink circulation system that supplies white ink continuously in the tubes. This incredible feature reduces the need to clean the printer frequently, saving money and time. Further, it can print a maximum of A4 size excellent designs. It works with PET film transfer and Hot Melt Powder. Besides that, six-color ink tanks provide a wide range of colors to achieve radiant images. Thus, you get magnificent prints. Above all, it is an ultimate dtf printer bundle.

Pros and Cons

The top benefit of this DTF printer is its compatibility with different media. Apart from that, it includes six ink tanks and a white ink circulation system. It requires no proficiency; you can use it with ease.

However, the print speed of this printer is average.

Final Verdict

Lastly, the above-reviewed printers are best for newbies. None of them requires expertise. However, each printer has pros and cons. You should select the one that meets your printing needs and budget. Moreover, Alibaba is the best place for online shopping. It is a reliable place and includes verified suppliers. If your order is under $1000, it offers a quick refund.

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