What Is Essential Oil Extractor And Tell Methods Of Oil Extraction?

by Ralph

Making essential oil is a question that often comes to our minds, but it’s not about making oil but extracting oil from different plants or plant materials. Essential oils are liquids that are obtained from plants. An oil or herbal extract is produced when you introduce additional botanical or plant material to a solvent then some part of the plant material dissolves, giving you an oil extract.

As the name shows, an essential oil extractor extracts oil from plant material or any other fruit or flower that gives you a scented oil. You can place the oil-pulling apparatus on your microwave, providing you with oil for the particular material you put in the microwave.

In this article, we are going to inform you about the methods of oil extraction. For further details, keep reading the article.

Methods Of Essential Oil Extraction

Here are some methods for essential oil extraction.

Steam Distillation Method

Steam distillation methods include plant or herbal material submerged or immersed in water. Then heat will be applied to that solution, and water will reach them as steam; that’s why it is called the steam distillation method. The oil extract from that method is the most purified one. You can use it even for cooking or eating purposes.

Water Distillation Method

The steam distillation method is complicated, making it difficult for some delicate plants and flowers. So the best way for oil extraction from such delicate flowers. First, pluck the flowers and then ready a beaker to boil water. Add pure flowers or oranges to the boiling water. This process will gently give you oil without damaging the aroma or flower.

Microwave extraction method

Put the essential oil extractor in the microwave and apply optimum conditions for better extraction. In a microwave oven, the hydrodistillation process occurs at optimum conditions of temperature and power of the microwave. This is the simplest method for the purification of oil from a microwave.

Solvent Extraction Method

The solvent extraction method uses solvents like hexane and alcohol(ethanol). This method is used to extract oil from the plant material. Firstly the plant material is put with a solvent like hexane or ethanol in an apparatus. Plants are delicate and cannot withstand much pressure. So solvent extraction is a light method of extracting oil from plant materials. You can also extract non-volatile plant materials from this solvent extraction method. Other methods can remove the extracted material, like waxes, from the oil when you have completed treating plant material with a solvent. Now it is changed into a waxy solid substance. This solid substance is than mixed with alcohol to gain purified oil. That purified oil must have an aroma in it.


In this method, we discuss different types of extraction methods used to extract oil. The plans include solvent extraction, steam distillation, water distillation, microwave distillation, etc. You can find an essential oil extract from any website online. It is available on the most website like Alibaba.com.

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