How To Choose The Best Pancake Maker Machine

by Ralph

Pancakes are everyone’s favorite! Well, maybe not everyone but it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like them. They make an excellent breakfast anytime. In the past, the only way to make great pancakes was to rely on your mom’s or grandmother’s secret recipe for it to turn out thin and fluffy.

In today’s world, you can get that same texture from a good pancake maker machine. Just as important as getting the right mix of the ingredients, you also have to choose the best pancake maker to do the job.

When buying a pancake machine, here are some things you may want to consider.

Types of pancake maker

Depending on the scale for which you’ll be making the pancakes, there are several pancake maker options to choose from. If you’re looking to make pancakes commercially like in a restaurant, confectionery, and restaurant bars, you’ll need a larger pancake maker than if you’re making for home use. There are commercial, automatic, gas, and electric pancake makers.

Plate material

Pancake maker plates are made in different materials. The most common materials used are either cast iron or aluminium. The plate material is important because it determines if your pancakes would peel off easily or have to be scrapped off. A non-stick plate material would also mean you wouldn’t need to grease the plate before every use. Also, you wouldn’t want to increase the calorie content of the pancakes because of greasing.

Casing material

After taking the inner plate material into consideration, the next would be the outer casing. For safety reasons, you’re better off with a casing material that’s thermally insulated. They’re safer to handle and reduce the risk of burns. The casing material should also be resistant to mechanical damage. A strong enough material but not one that’s unnecessarily heavy, especially if it’s a home pancake maker machine.

Cooking power

Home and commercial pancake maker machines come in different power ratings. If you’re looking to use them for home use, a machine with a rating of 900W and above is good enough. However, for a commercial pancake maker, power rating should be about 3,000W. Getting the right power rating goes a long way in determining the quality of pancakes made.

Diameter of the plates

If you’ve a certain pancake size and shape you love, getting the right size is your best bet. On average, a 30cm diameter plate is good enough for a pancake maker. However, there are pancake makers that come in larger diameters. You shouldn’t hold back if you need your pancakes bigger.

Price of the machine

Again, the type and size of the pancake maker determines the overall price of the machine. Commercial pancake maker machines are more expensive than those designed for home use. In the end, it all falls down to the budget you have planned out for the pancake maker.


Pancakes for breakfast is always a lovely way to begin a day. Making these delicious pancakes is now easy with a pancake maker machine. As important as the ingredients that go into it, you should ensure you buy a good pancake maker machine.


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