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by Ralph

Grain straw, maize straw, barley straw, and other crop residues are examples of grass straw. When it comes to reaping crops, there will obviously be a lot of hay wastage. As can be clearly demonstrated, the supply of hay fodder is cheap and plentiful, particularly around the collection time. Hay fibres have traditionally been exploited for livestock food or even the parchment sector.

Wheat pelletizing has rapidly gained prominence as a completely new and advantageous method of hay processing. Anyone may easily and cheaply create hay energy granules at their home today using a hardwood or biomass pellet crusher. Straw crackers are actually substantially less expensive to buy than woodchips. There are some straw pellet machine for sale by Yulong.

What You Can Make From Straw Pellet Machine?

This article will look closely into the plethora of straws that you can make from straw pellet machines by YULONG.

1. Rice Straw

Rice straw has 15-30% moisture content and approximately 15-20% ash content. Its calorific value stands at 13.98 MJ/kg.

2. Wheat Straw

Wheat straw has 20-40% moisture content and ranges around 8-9% ash content. Its calorific value is average at 14.4 MJ/kg.

3. Corn Straw

Corn straw has 27-30% moisture content and almost 8% ash content. Its calorific value stands at 15.68 MJ/kg.

4. Straw Pallets

Straw pellets have 8-100% moisture content and about only 3% ash content. Its calorific value stands high at 18.19 MJ/kg.

Applications & Uses Of Straw Grass

The following are the plethora of uses of Straw Grasses:

1. Bedding

Domesticated animals and ponies typically utilise straw grass as a resting and bedding place. It could be utilized as padding as well as nourishment for tiny, farm animals. But also because grass straw is surprisingly rough and abrasive, it frequently causes damage to the lips, faces as well as eyeballs.

2. Basketry

Beekeepers especially use straw grass to make bee skeps. They are constructed using a technique called lip work where unbroken strands of twisted grass straw are used.

3. Biomass

Nowadays, in the Europe Union, the usage of hay in massive biomass energy plants is going on to become more common, with many units currently operational. Grass straw is even used straight as bundles or is hardened into granules, allowing the feed to also be moved over long ranges.

4. Construction Stuff

On construction sited all around the globe, grass straw is being used to entwine clay and concrete cement together. Grass straws ae indeed very versatile.

Where Can I Buy Straw Pellet Making Machines?

Today, particularly when compared to other agricultural equipment, YULONG commodities and products usually take the lead due to their elegant and beautiful, modular designs, as well as their longer lifespan and consistent performance. Furthermore, YULONG’s clients have always been welcomed with open arms by a systematic, responsive, quick and structured customer service team. Now is the right and the perfect time to order them from YULONG.


The rapidly expanding crop industry dominance of YULONG in the agro – based business is making it extremely easier for potential purchasers to buy their different products. YULONG’s products and services are widelyregarded, and its creative and innovative, time-saving, and incredibly effective ideas are constantly changing the way people utilize farming techniques.

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